Thoughts on Independence Day

In 2021, Independence Day is probably a more controversial holiday than in past decades. There are those today who push ideologies that question the founding principles of America, while others double down on the idea of America as a Christian bastion of freedom to the rest of the world. As I sit enjoying my steak in an area known for its battlefields and the homes of many of the founders, I would like to offer my humble perspective on the celebration. America is a country founded largely upon a set of ideals. It is perhaps one of the only… Read more

Part I.—Identity

We live in an age of great cultural battles. Ideas like truth, objectivity, and tradition are being questioned in ways that could fundamentally reshape culture as we know it, while at the same time some very cogent arguments are being brought against that culture both historically and in its present state. There are many devoted, orthodox believers who fall at almost every point along the spectrum of this battle, and to the disgrace of the Church, many fight bitterly with each other. I believe that this fight reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the place of the Church in the… Read more

Christianity as a Counter-Culture

During the past few years, our nation has experienced a series of events that have had an indelible effect on our culture. Between the Trump presidency, worsening race relations, and COVID, Americans have been thrown into an intense period of soul-searching. For Christians, this requires a constant re-evaluation of our ideas based on the truths of the Bible. As I personally have been party to many of these cultural events, I have been led to fundamentally reconsider how Christians relate to their culture. Many of my ideas about Church, State, and even the nature of Christianity itself have been challenged… Read more

Protecting Your Privacy on Instagram

Over the past week, I've noticed multiple people on Instagram post about an update to their terms of service that allows Instagram massive new access to your data. Several of my friends also sent me the update to ask my opinion. In this article, I will explain what Instagram is tracking about you and how you can limit their ability to access your information. Table of Contents Data Policy Privacy Implications Protecting Yourself The Next Level In Review Data Policy I started by pulling up Instagram's Data Policy, which… Read more

How Shall I Then Vote?

In a little more than a week, America will make what we're being told is the most important national decision we've ever faced. The choice between Joe Biden and Donald Trump has thrown many Americans, especially Christians, into confusion. While many Christians favor Trump's economic policies over those of Biden, Trump's unabashedly arrogant, scorched-earth demeanor as well as both candidates' history of sexual transgression and disregard for Christian values give voters pause. When presented with such a monumental choice and no good options, how should Christians respond? These are the questions I've been asking myself for the last few months… Read more

An Empathetic Response to George Floyd

In recent days, America has been overrun by news of the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent response by governments, police officers, and American communities. Anybody who has watched these events unfold has to feel pain in their hearts as cities, communities, and families are torn apart by the destruction and intense language used to discuss these issues. It is an awful site to see a land you love torched as the nation shreds the unity we worked hard to feel during the COVID lockdowns. Especially after protests turned into violent riots, two very distinct viewpoints have emerged, unfortunately… Read more

Welcome to the new Just Matt

Welcome to my new website! COVID has put an end to a lot of things I was looking forward to, but it also gave me enough downtime to design a completely new website, and for that I am thankful. I'm also looking forward to writing a lot more during the rest of the summer. I haven't really written anything in quite a while, and I've missed it a lot. This will give me the opportunity and platform to create at least a few well-researched essays and other things that interest me. I'm not anticipating much of a theme at this… Read more