Christianity as a Counter-Culture

During the past few years, our nation has experienced a series of events that have had an indelible effect on our culture. Between the Trump presidency, worsening race relations, and COVID, Americans have been thrown into an intense period of soul-searching. For Christians, this requires a constant re-evaluation of our ideas based on the truths of the Bible. As I personally have been party to many of these cultural events, I have been led to fundamentally reconsider how Christians relate to their culture. Many of my ideas about Church, State, and even the nature of Christianity itself have been challenged in the process.

The more I’ve studied and discussed, the more I’ve realized that many of these ideas desperately need to be talked about. In today’s battle over worldview and culture, Christians are presented with strong narratives that they are encouraged to assume without challenge. These narratives, while normally offered with the best of intentions, end up leaving Christians unfulfilled because they offer a version of Christianity that would be almost unrecognizable to the authors of the New Testament and hamper a true understanding of both the Gospel and the Great Commission.

Over the next several months, I will be writing a series of articles that explore the idea of Christianity as a counter-culture—a Christianity that was intended to oppose worldly culture and must be fundamentally perverted in order to provide the basis for a dominant cultural system. This Christianity is therefore not based on any national identity, political structure, or economic system. It is simple, idealistic, and orthodox.

In this series of articles, I will strive to show how this understanding of Christianity is historically accurate, biblically sound, and philosophically consistent. I will be drawing from a wide array of sources, and I hope to receive feedback on my ideas so I may continue to develop them. If you would like to subscribe to email updates, you can sign up here. You may also follow my Facebook page.